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Cookies&Notes helps students solve problems and master concepts efficiently.
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*Questions and answers shown are for illustrative purposes

For students, by (former) students

Asking questions is really one of the best ways to learn.  Really!  We've combined our over 10 years of perspectives helping students as well as our own as successful students in bringing this beautiful platform to you.  Each aspect of it is designed with you, the student, in mind. 

When Cookies&Notes members need a clear answer to a crucial question or would like to see how a problem is solved that will help them understand the concept completely, they will have their problems and questions answered by our in-house experts.  Allow us to help you on your academic journey!

A sample question on Calculus, and other subjects definitely!
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Ask the question you need a clear answer to

Cookies&Notes is designed to take into consideration a variety of questions regarding one of our available subjects the student may have, not just how to solve a problem.  With the free-hand drawing tool, the student may upload questions, draw or make annotations, and more.

Get that clear answer you need

Once your question is submitted, our team of subject experts will get on it immediately and answer in a clear, concise way to maximize your understanding!

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Ask multiple questions
Personalize how the answers should be

Have the answers given the way you want it

Don't hope that your question will be answered the way you need it to.  Expect it!  By adding a note along with the question, you can

tell us what particular part of the answer and explanation you would like to see in greater detail,

notify us that the problem has to be answered using a particular technique (e.g. have to use a graph, not an equation), and more!

Ask your questions throughout the day, during late-night studying, before taking a break so you can get right back into it afterwards, whenever.  Have Cookies&Notes work around your lifestyle.  

On Demand - Use when you want to

Asking a question that's not about Mathematics?  Perfect!  Check out the FAQs below to see all the subjects you can ask about. 



See for yourself!

How it works
Other Uses

Not Just for Asking Problems

Follow-up Questions

Write and/or draw on the canvas after receiving an answer to ask any follow-up questions you may have.  Keep asking for as long it takes to completely understand!


  • What is your story?
    Cookies&Notes was built and designed by our team at McLean A+, with the knowledge that students asking and receiving clear answers to their questions provides for one of the most instrumental ways of learning. These key moments when students explore the concept combined with clarifying answers greatly benefit the learning process. Our insights from many years of helping students are instilled into this Application. It is our sincerest hopes that it will benefit many other students as well. Students (like yourself!) are very much encouraged to ask what question they may have regarding a problem or concept, and they will receive an informative answer leading them to understand with greater clarity. Have the Application up while you study away and ask when and how you want to. Finish studying having mastered the concept. Your experts at Cookies&Notes are at standby for you, ready to provide effective help while making sure not to geek out too much regarding the subjects they love.
  • What subjects are available on Cookies&Notes?
    Cookies&Notes is available for students ranging ideally from 8th grade to their 1st-2nd year of university. The student must be at least 13 years of age to use the Application (see Terms of Use). Expertise in the following subjects are provided (so far!): Algebra I, Algebra II & Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, Computer Science, Economics, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics ​ For the above subjects, college level as well as high school adapted college level (e.g. AP, IB) are provided as well. Don't see your subject? The subjects above are just some of the more common ones our experts have answered, but that doesn't mean yours will be ignored! Select "Something else" under "Choose Subject" in the Application and ask anyway! Our experts will get on it the same way as they do with all other questions.
  • What is the pricing?
    Cookies&Notes is provided under two plans: $3.99/month subscription or $24.99 one-time purchase for an entire year. Your first 30 days are COMPLETELY FREE, and you may cancel anytime. In addition, selecting the monthly plan enables you to PAUSE your subscription for days or months that you do not need to use Cookies&Notes. You will not be billed for the months when your subscription is paused. If you were billed and afterwards paused your subscription both in the same month, you will receive a refund to the payment card you provided equivalent to the number of days in the month that your subscription was paused. All refunds are processed and issued at the end of every month. Conditions in Terms of Use apply. ​ Because the Application is provided with selection of a plan, there are NO ADS on it. We firmly do not believe in displaying ads especially on a platform used for learning and studying. Cookies&Notes is there for you without such distractions!
  • How can I reach out if I have other questions?
    We'd love to hear from you! Please reach out at EMAIL. We will address your question(s) as soon as we are able to. Thank you!
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